Class details

Training created on or off-site to provide employees with work/health balance. Through Coach Kiwi’s corporate wellness program, companies will not only improve the overall health of your employees, but decreased insurance premiums, increase employee morale and increased the longevity and productivity of your employees

Mission Statement
Education – Commitment – Accountability – Application – Lifestyle

The goal of COACH KIWI’S Corporate Wellness Program is to educate, encourage, train, and to help your companies employees and their families make important, lasting health and fitness life-style changes that will benefit them from now and in the future. This program provides the convenience of at-work fitness and health and peer accountability.

Participants (Employees)
All Participates must be approved by your company’s liaison and will be required to fill out liability waiver.

Coach Kiwi and Chef Richie will be the motivational forces behind this challenge. Our responsibility will be to guide, help, encourage and push everyone in this journey with face-to-face communication and weekly motivational texts and emails. In addition each participant will be paired with an accountability partner.

The Program
Every participant will be given challenge guidelines to follow which include a workout and nutrition regimen. Note: This will be a generalized plan and not custom to each individual. Customized plans can be provided upon request per individual for an additional fee.

We know everyone will have a desire to do different types of workouts so we are looking to provide many options for everyone. This will include at least (1) weekly on-site group session instructed by Coach Kiwi.

On-site Group Training Session – In this weekly group session participants will join me for a 60min corporate workout at your location or a local gym.

Weekly Weigh-Ins
In the end everyone will be a winner but, in the spirit of competition, we will track each participant’s weight-loss progress during our full group sessions* weekly or bi-weekly. Weigh-ins will include body weight, body fat percentage & inches loss.

Class Information

Time: 30/60/90 Days
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday