Prepped Nutrition

Meal prepping is essential to eating healthy, saving time and money.  Planning and prepping meals ahead of time for the week will prevent unhealthy food choices throughout the week. Prepped Nutrition offers healthy meal plans, complete grocery shopping, prepared and cooked the meals, and delivery of pre-portioned meals weekly.


We will cook your meals too! Prepped Nutrition ™ offers plans and healthy meal preparation for the week complete with grocery shopping, cooking and delivery of weekly portioned, pre-packaged meals.

Services provided:
✳Full-service meal shopping and  preparation (We Shop – We Cook – We Deliver)

✳Meal preparation for a week




  1. Customers are required to sign/fill out online questionnaire form or form in  person
  2. Within 24-48 hours, Chef Richie or Coach Kiwi will respond with more detailed questions about the customer to create a meal package & customized meal plan
  3. Shopping Budget is created from the package selected and finalized meal plan      
    • If customer provides meal plan – budget is based upon what is given at the best price  (NOTE: We can provide a shopping receipt upon request)
    • If we create the meal plan – we will determine a budget that is most feasible
  4. Prepped Nutrition provide a detailed invoice of total amount including packaging and shopping.  
  5. Payments can be made via PayPal, credit card, or cash
  6.  Accounts department will email receipt to customer
  7. Convenient Meal Cooler is ordered for you(if purchased in meal package)
  8. Within 24 hours of payment, customized meal plan is created by Chef Richie & Coach Kiwi   
  9. Meal plan emailed to customer for approval (if applicable)      
  10. Approved meal plan given to Chef  No Later than Friday the week before delivery      
  11. Shopping/Preparation/Delivery and Pick up of meals is on Sunday   
  12. Reorder payment due Every Friday      
  13. Customer must return all trays except for Saturday meals and delivery bags CLEANED by Friday 

Meal Prep
1st week of meals (Value $185-$230)
15 meals 
(3×5) 3 Meal for 5 Days = 15
18 meals 
(3×6) 3 Meal for 6 Days = 18
24 meals 
(4×6) 4 Meal for 6 Days = 24
30 meals 
(5×6) 5 Meal for 6 Days = 30

Custom Meal Plan

-4 Week 100% custom Program
with photo Check-ins every week to see if assessments need to be adjusted. 

*guaranteed NEW bi-weekly meal plan

New weekly recipe with how to cook instructions.

  • Personalized Meal Plans!
  • Supplement recommendations!
  • Continuous accountability and Support!
  • Available for males & females!
  • Available worldwide!

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“Food is art that fuels you”

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