This is both my  testimony and tribute to the best coach ever!   Coach Kiwi has, in a mere 4 months, totally changed my life!  Approximately 12- 14 pounds and several inches later, I am stronger and healthier than ever before. I have gone from wearing large tops to medium  tops and from a size 12  bottoms to wearing a 10.  I can barely wear an eight. So inspired by the transformation my body has made, my sister and my daughters want to become her client.  I did not want to just lose weight,  I wanted to gain muscle as well. My arms were a focus for me and they are toned with definition. My waist is smaller, thighs are trimmer and abs are flat and I can see the beginning of a six pack starting to form.  The workouts are varied, as they should be.  They are never the same and always challenging.  Coach Kiwi pushes us to our maximum and always tells us to “challenge ourselves.”  I, personally, could not be happier with my results!  When you couple Coach Kiwi with Coach Richie, who creates our personalized meal plan, you will be in the best shape of your life.
Here’s looking at 64!!
Thanks Coach

Muriel February 28, 2017

I had never run for fitness. I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without feeling like I just might pass out and my heart pump out of my chest. I had never done any physical or organized sport in my life (minus that one summer softball rec league about 6 years ago -that was fun,  but I lacked ability). Truth is, I didn’t struggle with weight but more importantly,  I wasn’t fit and not even close to a healthy, active lifestyle. When I turned 40, I committed to myself that life must change. So, I begin this fitness adventure.  I did the typical DVD workouts and joined a gym (which saw my dollars more than it saw me). But…consistency was the struggle. I needed accountability, proper instruction and someone to push me when I didn’t want to push myself! Somehow,  I discovered Coach Kiwi and thought I should try her…but,  yeah,  she looked wayyyyy more intimidating than I believed I could handle. I was scared, but I took the leap!!! My first workout was Cardio Kickboxing! I made it,  she didn’t kill me…and she encouraged me along the way. The more I went,  the more I wanted to go. Coach Kiwi has been my greatest motivation! She’s tough but fair. I appreciate that she saw strength in me that I didn’t realize I had. She didn’t let me quit and she never allows me to say ‘I can’t!’ In fact, she’s given me more inspiration to say that “I can!’  Now,  I’m stronger, more fit,  leaner and tone,  not intimidated by gym equipment or what to do in the gym.  Healthy,  I understand and eat the proper nutrition and  I’ve even gained some great friends, confidence and muscle definition too! This is my testimony,  and I’m so happy to say,  “I am a Beautiful Beast!”

Felicia Jordan March 1, 2017

Working with Coach Kiwi and Kayla for 14 months has changed my life. When I began this journey, I was soft in body, soft in Spirit, and soft in personal goals. In other words, I was ripe for improvement. When I began, I couldn’t do 5 minutes on the Stairmaster or 5 push- ups. I doubted whether I would make it through a class. In fact, doubt was constantly in my mind in so many areas of my life. Today, I can confidently say that my body is strong, my Spirit is stronger, and I now embrace challenging goals in the gym, at work, and in my personal life. Today, 30 minutes on the Stairmaster is the beginning of my day and I am now able to conquer Kiwi’s workouts in the evening, most of the time with a smile on my face.
In this challenging commitment, I’ve learned to eat clean, cleanse my body with juice, and stay hydrated to finish my workouts strong. It has transformed my personal life, my work life and, most importantly, my perspective. An incredible bonus is being part of a unique and special family that challenge each other. When one of us is weak, someone steps up. When we think we can’t do it, we remind one another that we can. This bond, this togetherness has been a huge blessing to me and one that I will always remember.

Heather Sokolowski March 1, 2017

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I have trained with quite a few trainers over the years. Some are good, some are bad but, Coach Kiwi is by far the best and the total package. Her program includes a meal plan and weight training with cardio instructions. This program is a formula for success.
Be PREPARED to work. It is not easy.
Some days are harder than others, but as the days pass, you will notice inches disappearing and replaced by a much toner and fit body. I am amazed at how strong I have become. I am encouraged by my results day after day, week after week, and month after month.
She is the epitome of tough love.
She will test your endurance and your inner strength.
You will survive, only to become a much stronger person on the other end of your journey.
Take a leap into the pool. The water is warm.

Alvina D. Glover March 1, 2017