Women who lift Program

At times many women enter the gym and are easily intimidated by the various weights and weighted machines. They are unaware of how to use the machines and for what muscle to use them for. Women also are intimidated by the images of fit or athletic women portrayed on social media. The question of “will they look too masculine” or “not look fit enough” has many women unsure if “LIFTING” is for them. The “Women Who Lift” Program allows women to understand that every woman is different and unique, therefore everyone has the ability to shape their body to what they feel comfortable looking like. The program has been ongoing for the last 5 years. It has sculpted women from ages 18 to 68! It equips each women with the understanding of proper form, technique and also different facets of lifting (bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, fitness) that they can use to transform their body, whether they are looking to lose weight, tone, get stronger or even gain lean muscle! Due to the pandemic in the Spring or 2020 launched this program virtually!! Meaning women around the world were able experience this program from the comforts of their own home. 
The “Women Who Lift” virtual spring camp involves a 3 month commitment 5 days of training along with a structured nutritional plan. Weekly, the women are taken through a series of workout regimens focusing on a specific body parts. Coach also structures the program to introduce and make women aware of the the different lifting techniques and styles such as bodybuilding, crossfit, powerlifting and all around fitness. Coach believes every women can discover the beast inside of them! Many women find a love in knowing that, not only do they have the ability to do whatever they put their minds too, but that it’s not just about a transformation that makes them beautiful on the outside, its the Beasts within that transforms their mind to be who they desire to be! WILL YOU BE THE NEXT BEAUTIFUL BEAST?

You are invited to attend an informational Orientation that will provide all the details to determine if this program is for you!

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PLACE: VIA ZOOM (details will be given once you have registered)